Email us on: Building Healthier Communities In an era where medical technology and innovation is nothing short of phenomenal, we are seeing the first generation who will have a lower life expectancy than their older peers.  ‘Diseases of affluence’ and destructive lifestyles render our efforts fruitless.  However advanced the therapeutic interventions which we implement, ultimately, it is the patient and their environment which determine their health.  At MHS, we believe that the responsibility of a person’s health is with themselves.  We believe that only when individuals are motivated to take ownership of their own health will we see the real benefit of good medical care manifest itself. But just like individuals’ health will not significantly improve if they do not extend their commitment to beyond taking their medication; we cannot expect to change widespread attitudes from the remit of our consultation rooms.  The Building Healthier Communities initiative has been set up to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to engage with individuals outside the clinical setting.  Currently we are in the process of organising a series of one day events across the UK where individuals will be offered: The opportunity to measure their height, weight and blood pressure Advice on healthy living focussing on diet, exercise and stress management Information Booklets  inspired by the Islamic Tradition    If you are interested in organising or taking part in a Building Healthier Communities event in your locality please contact us.