Email us on: Welcome to the MHS website.   We are a voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the British Community. We also offer a number of services to graduate and student healthcare professionals. These include: Career guidance A bespoke Mentoring Programme which provides a framework for holistic personal development. Advice on Faith Related Dilemmas in clinical practice both in relation to Muslim healthcare professionals balancing their faith and clinical practice and for healthcare professionals treating Muslim patients.  All our services are entirely free of charge. We are always in need of volunteers to in order to sustain our work. Please visit our Volunteering page to find out more.  Why are we called the Muslim Health Service? MHS is inspired by ideas from the Islamic Tradition regarding health and well being.  Our vision of building a healthier community is driven by the concept of "Serving the Creation in order to serve the Creator".  Being affiliated to principles and ethics emanating from Islam means we are open to contributions from individuals regardless of their background or denomination and that we hope to serve everyone in the community without exceptions.